What to Bring on a Guest Ranch Vacation

We are often asked, “what should I bring with me on a guest ranch vacation?”. So, in response to that question, here is my list of what to bring along with a few tips for making your guest ranch vacation an unforgettable life experience.
  1. Long pants or jeans – I prefer to ride in jeans as they usually do not ride up as much and offer more protection.
  2. Cowboy boots – If you don’t have a pair we have a boot closet full of boots of all shapes and sizes for you to borrow while you are here.
  3. Tennis shoe or hiking shoe – The ranch is located on 1100 acres which makes for miles of hiking trails for you to explore.
  4. A hat – A baseball cap, cowboy hat, or other brimmed hats will help to shade your eyes from the sun on your many outdoor excursions.  If you don’t want to bring a hat, the ranch gift shop has a wide selection of cowboy hats and baseball caps to purchase.
  5. Swimsuit – A dip in the outdoor covered hot tub after a long day in the saddle does a body good. Also, we take a day ride to Grouse Creek Falls and a dip in the crisp waters are refreshing on a hot day.
  6. Water shoes – For that trip to Grouse Creek Falls, it is a good idea to have water shoes as the rocky creek bottom is a challenge to walk in barefoot.
  7. Raincoat – It is always good to be prepared for all sorts of weather in the Idaho Panhandle.
  8. Warm weather clothes (shorts, t-shirts, etc) – The average summer temperatures here in Sandpoint, Idaho, are usually in the mid to low 80’s, although it has been known to be warmer.
  9. Sweatshirt or coat – It will cool down in the evenings and usually a sweatshirt or light coat is most comfortable.
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Bug Spray – In the early summer and early fall, the mosquitoes and gnats come out in the evenings so a little bug spray is a big help.
  12. A Good Book – Take some time to kick back and read that book you have been meaning to get to. Or, borrow one from the ranch library and read a great western while you are experiencing the West!
Pink Cowgirl Boots

A few ranch vacation tips:

  1. Be honest about your riding experience. We ask about your riding experience to best match you with a horse most appropriate for your riding experience and comfort level.
  2. Consider making it a tech-free (or at least tech limited) vacation.  You will get the most out of a western experience when you can free yourself up from technological distractions.
  3. Come with a hearty appetite! While you are on your All Inclusive Guest Ranch Adventure, you will be served 3 delicious meals a day to keep you fueled for your outdoor experience.  We believe that one important adventure fuel is dessert!
  4. You may have other questions about trail ride etiquette of a more personal manner. We think this blog post, Don’t Squat With Your Spurs On…Or Other Places, may leave you feeling a little more prepared for horseback adventures into the outdoors.
  5. And finally, my recommendation for where to go on your next guest ranch adventure is, of course, Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.
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